With a side of Tattoo please.

“Can I get  design as a tattoo?

I get asked this and usually the answer is if I get to do it haha.  but for real though I would love to do them. When I was working the Calgary convention last year I was tattooing and vending. I would get asked just to do the Stay Soft designs and I turned them down. I don’t know why but I did. I have purposely spend a lot of time not merging Stay Soft into my tattooing.  BUT  fuck it!!   I have spent to much time over thinking. What it? This could!  Yeah I get it brain your anxious but I just don’t have time for this shit anymore haha.  I recently did 2 Stay Softish tattoos. They were based of the designs and altered a bit.  It was rad to do them. I couldn’t of asked for a better client. (Instagram here) She is a OG Stay Soft Supporter. She even has some of the first printed WHITE TEES!

Not a lot of you guys have those so if you do


SO I was so honoured when she asked. Its a weird feeling when people get your art on them. Like do they know its FOREVER?!?

I live in BC so I realize that for some of you getting the design done by me is not an option. I DO travel and tattoo. At some conventions while vending I am also able to tattoo. I will always post on insta where I will be doing both. So if you want to get it done be hecka yeah lets do it! I am always up for doing same but different designs as well.  If you have an artist and cant travel then you can still definitely get them done. Just tag us!! I want to see them all. This goes for any recreating of the designs in any way really! I just wanna see them all!! I mean I know its not always going to happen and that’s cool. Even if you don’t tag us it makes me happy to know its out there because a the end of it we are trying to do the same thing. Make the world a little softer for ourselves. 

All  artist have different rules when it comes to their art and its very important to respect that. RESPECT ARTIST boundaries. Their art their rules. Don’t be a dick. 

SO here is some tattoos I did that are adapted Stay Soft designs.  

I hope that I get to do more!

Im just so grateful that this is what I get to do. Thank you guys for your support with Stay Soft. Thanks for getting what I’m trying to do and helping! Thank you for getting tattooed by me or by buying prints or my custom Kewpie dolls. Which by the way if you bought one SEND ME PICTURES!!! I have such a hard time seperating with them haha. I will have more coming!

Till next till Softies

Instagram for my portfolio here- Portfolio

Stay Soft Instagram- Stay Soft

Stay Soft Facebook- HERE!!

Ps- Dont forget to follow us on instagram so you know when we will be traveling so that you can come say Hi!!

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