Wipe the Stardust from Your Eyes.

Hey Softies, 

I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend. If you didn’t, I hope all the horrors that fill your mind are washed away when you close your eyes tonight. 

I hope the moon wipes away your adversities & the tears in your eyes are replaced with stardust. 

I hope your puffy eyelids are kissed by Jupiter, and your mind is put to rest by the hands of Venus. 

I hope when the sun rises tomorrow, all your worries are pulled away like a blanket & they may sit among the stars in a place far away from your mind. 

I hope you know who you are today isn’t who you have to be tomorrow. 

There are no rules etched in cold stone that say you don’t have the right to be exactly who you want to be. I hope when you wake up tomorrow, if you need it, you are given the strength to take the first step towards the life you want, because it’s the life you deserve. 

You deserve to say kind words to yourself in the mirror. You deserve to feel warm, swirling feelings inside your stomach when someone tells you how beautiful you are, & you deserve to believe them. 

You deserve to feel free & safe inside your own mind. You deserve to enjoy your days & love your nights, dancing with your dreams as they carry you through your sleep. 

You deserve to be unapologetically yourself. You deserve to say the things you want to say, love the people you want to love & breathe in the air from mountain tops you thought you could never climb.

When you wake up tomorrow, I hope you have the strength to lace up the shoes you’ll use to get there. 

Who you are today isn’t who you have to be tomorrow, and I hope when you wake up you take the first step towards finding the life that makes your soul feel like gold.

A single step forward is better than none. You can do this.


All my love,


Mariann ❤


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