A Soft Place to Land

Hey Softies,

As the days begin to get longer and warmer, I’m hoping anyone battling seasonal depression begins to feel a bit lighter with every marmalade sunset.

We’ve been talking a lot in the last few blog posts about the importance of self-love, and why you undeniably deserve it. With that being said, I want to shift gears slightly here and spend this post talking about the importance of projecting kindness and understanding to those around us, and how the smallest act of kindness truly makes a world of a difference.

If you’re like me, you know that there are days when you are completely fine, and nothing anyone says can bring you down (you’re the king/queen of your own world, after all). However, there are also days when mental illness blinds us from seeing the power of our own crowns, and we are vulnerable to even the smallest incentive comment leaving us in internal shambles.

So, I want to remind everyone to please be kind, courteous and understanding to your fellow human.

I’ve been at a point in my life lately where everything around me feels like it weighs a million pounds on my shoulders, and the last thing I need is someone telling me I’m not strong enough to carry it.

Of course, no one actually sees these invisible weights that hang over my head. They only see a smiley and bubbly face who –presumably—wouldn’t be phased by rude comment or a dismissal of my viewpoint. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and my guess is that if other people put on a brave mask when they step into the world, I can’t be the only one who lays in bed and cries after a day of just “shrugging it off.”

No one is perfect. We are all going to say and do things that hurt someone at one point or another. But, if we can make a conscious effort to try to be a little kinder in the words we choose and be a little more understanding in our approach to one another, maybe there will be a few less tear-stained pillow cases at the end of the day.

Everyone is going through something, and whether they vocalize it to the world or hide their eyes behind an invisible cloak, it doesn’t make their battle any less valid or their scars any less deep.

All I know is there have been days where a single hurtful word has been enough to bring me to my knees, and others where a smile from a stranger has been enough to keep me afloat. I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way, (at least, that’s my best guess) so I just want to send out a gentle reminder to (prepare yourself for the cliché) remember to give the love you wish to receive.

It can be a harsh and merciless world out there, the least we can do is create a soft-landing spot for someone to catch their breath, even if just for a moment.

That’s all for now Softies, chat soon.

All my love,

Mariann ❤

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