Softie Highlight: Meet Mikayla

Softie Highlight: Meet Mikayla!

Hi Softies!

This blog post is super special, because we are dedicating the entire post to one incredible Softie, the lovely Mikayla Caissie! *Crowd cheers for miles*

Mikayla was the lucky winner of our Instagram contest. In addition to a feature on our blog, this lovely Softie will also receive a self-love photoshoot with Jake Little of JLitStudios (hell yeah!) and a Stay Soft T-shirt and pin (whoop whoop)!

Mikayla is one stellar human, and we can’t wait for you to meet her! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Mikayla has been slaying at life for 18 years, and is currently killing the game as Safeway’s deli department MVP. When we asked her about her favourite food and how much she’s eaten of it in one sitting, her response was more amazing than we could have anticipated.

“My favourite food would have to be chicken wings, and gosh I don’t think people count how many wings they eat,” Mikayla says.

We feel that spiritually, Softie sister. Chicken wings are life.

One super cool highlight about Mikayla is she doesn’t confine herself to one style of clothing. She rocks what she wants, when she wants. She is a badass Softie who doesn’t give AF, which we totally vibe with (we do have a line named after it, after all).

“My style depends on whatever my mood is when I wake up. If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll lounge around in my sweats and tank with a messy bun. If I feel like going out, I’m going out with a full face of makeup and some ripped jeans and a nice shirt,” she says.

Mikayla first found out about Stay Soft through our giveaway, and she has been a member of the Softie squad ever since.

“My favourite part about Stay Soft is that you get to connect with other Softies! The world can be harsh, but us Softies are quite powerful,” she states.

We couldn’t agree more. When us Softies stick together, there’s nothing we can’t overcome. No matter what you’re going through, the Softie squad is here for you.

Fun (and furry) fact about this Softie, Mikayla is also a loving fur mom to her Border Collie baby, Malibu! Mikayla loves spending time with her four-legged bestie, and we have a strong hunch the feeling is mutual. We’re stoked that Malibu has such an amazing fur mom.

Born and raised in B.C., Mikayla and her amazing boyfriend of over two years packed up their lives and started their big-city adventure just a couple of months ago!

“My boyfriend is also my best friend…I don’t really remember what life was like before him, all I know is he makes me so happy,” Mikayla adds.

Our hearts = melted. As a graduation gift, Mikayla spent two weeks with her boyfriend in Mexico last year.

“[It was] the best two weeks of my life,” she adds.

We are only slightly jealous (by slightly, we mean extremely), but we are thrilled that you are living your best life, laying on sandy beaches and doing it all with someone who brings you happiness ❤

We loved getting to know you, Mikayla! Thank you for being you, and for sharing who you are with us. Welcome to the Softie gang, we’re excited AF to have you.

Thank you to all our Softies out there for being exactly who you are. You are loved and appreciated more than words can express. You’re the best.

Until next time Sofites.

All my love,

Mariann ❤

Instagram: @_mroberts

Twitter: @mariannroberts

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