Stay Soft got a lil Softer!


WE are here! If you are here I am so fucking proud of you! I hope you are proud of yourself. I hope you take a second right now and take this victory. You made it here!

SO what does 2019 look like for Stay Soft?

We got plans B. We got a blogger! I couldn’t be more excited for this. We will be in Winnipeg at the Winnipeg Tattoo Convention  in February. We have new designs coming. Patiently waiting for the last part of them..okay not so patiently haha. We will be at the Edmonton Tattoo Convention.

Mariann Roberts is going to be our new blogger. Her first blog post will be up this Monday the 7th. I know you guys are going to love it. Having the chance to work with this women is going to be amazing and I cant wait to see what we can cook up. I have a cpl cool ideas, and I know Mariann has some really rad ideas!!

I am so thankful that Stay Soft is keeping me this busy. I am so thankful that you guys are here for the ride. I wan to keep this short and sweet. I could ramble forever.

I hope this year is good to you. You deserve to be happy and to have a good year. Be gentle with yourself this year.

Stay Soft<3

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