Sleep sweet sweet sleep.

Blogmas day 8.

Im writing these later and later each night. I have been hecka busy at work( I try to keep my work life separate from Stay Soft, and often wonder if I should merge the two because that would be a bit easier  to manage-maybe?) But I kinda dig going social media stuff as well so who knows. Hi my name is Dani, and I like to take on lots of things at once as I tell myself I can handle it all and its going to be fine….Haha but for real I am going to keep this blog post short and sweet because ya girls tired. 

For along time I used to think it was impressive that I could operate on lil to no sleep. I used to push myself to limits that were not safe. I would go hard af and then crash. I would take days, weeks to recover. There are many articles and studies around the idea that people who work 60 hour weeks would be less  productive then those who worked 40 hour weeks. Why? I know I don’t function very well when I am lacking sleep. I become fatigued, have a hard time concentrating, space way out, become irritable, sometimes I cry really easy. Those are just some of the symptoms I can get from being tired. When I started becoming more aware of my mental health I started to see how much strain I put on myself by pushing myself. Its harder to keep intrusive thoughts out when your tired. 

I want to be the best productive me I can be, and for me that requires taking time. Listening to my body, and mind when it needs rest. I used to look at pushing my self as a sign of strength. But now I know that taking my ass to bed, after a hot bath is a sign of softness and that’s where all my strength lays. 

Im slowly learning how to love and treat my body, my mind, my energies proper. If you made it this far. I hope you have a good sleep. I hope your worries can rest just long enough for you to get some sound sleep. I know you will wake up tomorrow a bit stronger with more in you to face the world.

Stay Soft.

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