Goals vs New Years Resolutions.

Let’s talk about New Years Resoltions. 

Even hearing those words makes me anxious, over critical of myself, and kinda sad. Before I even set them I feel all these feelings towards them. Why in the world am I doing this to myself?

New year new me? Umm nope. I’m going to be a new me tomorrow. A new me next week. By the January rolls around who knows? Life happens, we learn lessons, we grow, we challenge our thoughts and beliefs. 

I stopped setting New Years resolutions for myself 3 yrs ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I still set goals for myself. I still believe in pushing myself to grow. I still believe the saying “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

I had to sit and look at the resolutions I was setting for myself and why I wasn’t following through with them. While most of them were weight related(that’s another post) I noticed I was almost setting myself up for failure. I was setting goals while realistic were NOT realistic for me and my life. I was starting the year with this crazy pressure to succeed at all 20 resolutions I set. That’s ALOT of fucking pressure. Then I would lose myself in them and forget I have the whole year to accomplish them. I would stress about all these things daily . That’s like flipping my whole world upside down, and then expecting myself to carry one like nothing happened while completely changing all my habits….wtf. See how I mean it’s kinda like setting yourself up for failure?

What did I start doing instead? I still write down goals for myself.

I just try and break them down into a more manageable way. I set the goals I would like to achieve in the year and then I look at them and try and figure out how by the end of the year I can succeed. An example would be-

This year I want to launch a new line to Stay Soft. I’ll ask myself what is the work required from me to make this happen, what kind of timeline am I giving myself. Then from there I break down the small details. In what month can I complete this part, what days do I have to put in work to make this an actuality. (I’ve gotten really into planners)

I know it seems like a lot of work and it can be, but I promise you in January when you start tackling a goal and  it feels manageable you will be so thankful. I know I was.  When you complete the first step you have tanagable proof your making it one step closer which can also help keep motivation around.

Making goals that are attainable to yourself is also so important. I feel that there is this set list of New Years resolutions we often hear repeated, or ones have forced down our throats(cough*diet culture. Again another post Hah) please be gentle with yourself. You know yourself best. So when you set these goals be easy on yourself, push yourself, grow yourself, nurture yourself, and watch your goals fall in place.

Stay Soft🖤

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