I’m so proud of you!

Day 4!!!

.As this year starts to wrap up I know I start to question my year, and I notice some pretty shitty self intrusive thoughts about how my yr was. I want to take a quick min to recap some really cool things Stay Soft did this year. We went to Regina Tattoo Convention, Kelowna Tattoo Convention, Calgary Tattoo convention, Edmonton Tattoo Convention, a fashion show, Sun Peaks markets, mailed tons of tees/hoodies to people, released new designs. We met tons of amazing people💕 We had a crazy first year and I wouldnt change it for the world. I am sometimes bad at always going going going that I forgot to stop and look at what I’ve  done. I think that is easy to do in a world that doesn’t stop. We have a bad habit on focusing on what we haven’t done that we don’t celebrate what we have.

I challenge you to sit and make a list for yourself of your accomplishments. This list is going to be different for everyone. Everyone’s accomplishments are so personal. Be open with yourself and let yourself see every accomplishment. Focus on the good you did, the victories you had, remember your happy memories from the year. 

You made it another year. You did that. You made it through everyday. You are standing here right now because of your strength, your persistence, your love, your fight, and it is fucking admirable. You should hold your chin up and push you shoulders back because you just finished another year. You grew, learned, and did the very best you can.

I’m so fucking proudof you!!!!

We are all living this life the best we know how, we are learning, growing, changing, and forever evolving. Be gentle with yourself. Who you are at the begging of the years is not who you are now.

Stay Soft🖤

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