Holidays can be rough.

Day 3 of Blogmas.

I made it three days.. Im going to just celebrate that. Its about the small things

I wanted this blog post to be one of the first for the month. I want to write about Holidays and even though a said happy time  is in fact a really hard time for a lot of people. We think holidays and think of all the good things, but there are ppl who really almost resent the holidays. 


There can be a lot of reasons that people will or do struggle during the holidays. grieving, an illness , financial worries, divorces, isolated from family, eating disorders, religion . There are so many reasons. I want to make this blog about being aware that there are people out there that may need a lil extra during these times. They may need to lean on you a lil extra, they may need you to listen a lil longer, they may need you to extend a dinner invite, they may need you to let them know that this holiday season they are not  alone. 

Holidays can be hard for many reasons, but if you notice that someone has been quiet, more stressed then usual we should check in with them. I mean I know that you can ask “are you okay” and most of us will say “of course” its human nature. I think it is important to let them know that if they need anything even just a talk to take their minds of things we will be here. You can ask people if they have a place to be for holiday dinners, and if they don’t maybe extend and invite. Having a family get together and you know that some people may not be financially able to bring presents set a limit to spending or better yet make it so ppl have to make their presents. Inviting people places can be a really nice gesture, but also know that these people are probably dealing with a-lot and may want to decline but feel obligated to go. Please be gentle with people if they cancel or can’t make it. Don’t have a planned dinner? Have a friends dinner and potluck. 

Lets look out for each other this seasons, lets listen, laugh, cry, sing, and just be there for our loved ones this season. Lets try our best to let people know that they aren’t alone, that they are loved, and important. 

Know that if you are struggling this holiday season you are not alone.  Know that your life is important and I am so fucking proud of you for making it another yr. Know that your life is precious and you deserve to be here. You deserve to take up space. Please know that you can always msg me on instagram or email me. 

Happy holiday season you filthy animals. I love you all and I hope that if you are having a hard time with this time of the month you find peace in it, that it is gentle and passes quickly for you.

Stay Soft 🖤

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