Lazy Sundays are Needed

Day 2 in Blogmas. 

Im not going to lie Im kinda glad it is a Sunday because these are my lazy days, my days to nourish and refeed myself for the week, my days where I try to do as little work as I can get away with. (sometimes I have tattoos to draw or Stay Soft stuff that is pressing but I try really hard to limit it) I schedule my rest days into my planner so that I remind myself to pause and take a break. Otherwise I don’t take them. I don’t let myself stop because “theres so much to do” It doesn’t have to be a Sunday(self care Sunday just has a ring to it) it can be any day you might have off. It doesn’t even have to be a full day. It can be a cpl hrs you schedule for yourself, it can be an afternoon or a morning. It can be anytime you are able to get for yourself. 

So what do Sundays look like for me? 

Not getting out of my jam jams(if I do I put sweats, a huge hoodie, no bra) I try and stay comfy. I bring my self out to the couch with a blanket. I make tea and I turn on Netflix. When I say lazy I mean Lazy day. Ill watch a movie then maybe have a bath. While Im bathing I read, try to use a face mask, there are candles. Its a ordeal. I deserve this time to sit and relax. Its hard to tell yourself that (and believe it) when we live in world where our productivity is our worth. Where exhaustion is romanticizedr. I used to think that taking these days meant I was lazy, that I didn’t have the drive that others did. How can you run a business, have a full time job, maintain a social life and still take a day to yourself?  Its not easy but let me tell you it is so worth it. If I don’t have this one day a week I can feel it in my head, my body, my soul. I don’t believe in “working for the weekend” but I do believe in “working for the rest days” After that bath it is back into some jam jams and back to the couch for some puppy cuddles and more netflix. 

Burnout is one of those things in life that all humans really should be keeping a close eye out for, but sadly more often then not we ignore signs. We go about or days and lives feeling as if we can do it all, “i love my work so its fine”, but still we take on more and more knowing that its probably too much.  Why? Why do we do this to ourselves?  Im going to list some common signs of burnout. Maybe you are experiencing some? All?-Chronic fatigue

  • insomnia
  • forgetfullnes/hard time concentrating.
  • headaches, fainting, shortness of breath
  • increase chances of getting sick.
  • not eating
  • anxiety
  • depression,
  • anger

Burnout for people with mental illness is something that should be monitored even closer. This is why I am admit about my days off. I NEED them for my health. Its a non negotiable thing for me. 

Rest days might look different for you. Your ideal rest day might be a chill day at the beach, a day in the park, hiking in the woods, knitting in front of a fire. It can be anything that lets you nourish your body, you mind. You work hard on a daily. You are showing up and putting one foot in from of another and you deserve to take breaks. Taking days for yourself is not selfish it is an act of survival. 

You deserve self care days

You deserve to refuel you body and brain.

You deserve a day to yourself.

Stay Soft  🖤

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