Edmonton Fashion Fest 2018♡

Lets talk about last weekend!!

June 22nd and 23d we attended the Edmonton Fashion Fest. If you follow us on insta (If you don’t then your mega missing out!!) you probably seen us posting about it. There were amazing make up artist, designers, creators and humans there. I wasn’t able to catch all the fashion shows but the ones I did sneak off to see where amazing. I was my first actual fashion show.

We got to see so many faces!
We were surrounded but other awesome vendors.
I got to talk to one lovely human about BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, and if you know me then you know I ALWAYS want to talk about Buffy.
I got to met and talk to some people about social media! Which is something I have a constant love/ hate relationship with.

Some of my favourite moments where when people came in and asked if the line had something to do with mental health!!
Im so happy that it is easily readable as that.
Or I loved when they told us that they seen we were and they came down to grab goodies!

We couldn’t keep doing these shows without the support and love we get.

I can’t wait to keep going to these events and evolving out set up each and every time. I have some really cool ideas for the next one in Kelowna next month!

So shout out to every one that came, every one that talked to us, shared stories, bought goodies, shared on social media like I said we couldn’t do any of this with out your amazing selfs.


Till next time♡

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