Stay Soft I DBL dog dare you!!

SO here we go with this blog stuff.

I am actually really excited to do this.
I have always wanted to a blog but have always pushed it off because ” I don’t have time” or (insert other random excuse here)

Stay Soft Apparel was something that kind of naturally evolved. It started with a skull I used to doodle all the time, and a simple saying I would/ and still do say to myself daily.

“Stay Soft”

When I started my current job I was repeatedly told that in order to “make it” I would have to toughen up, you cant let your emotions make your choices, women don’t make it in the industry because they are too emotional. Or one of my personal favs was “don’t let people see you cry because you are showing them how weak you are”
Those are just a few that stood out amongst all the other hot garbage that people like to spew.
I knew that these were not ideals, or thoughts that I myself believed in. I have spent a lot of my life feeling guilty, very conscious, and guarded of my emotions, and it would be real life to say that maybe at times I believed them and tried “shut off” these emotions… Bad news bears 😛


I am who I am.
I am a whirl wind of emotions. I feel a lot and often. I feel hard and deep.
My emotions are valid.
Even though all of the above is VERY TRUE it doesn’t take away from the fact that I am still a BADASS.
I see people who are soft and I see courage, I see a brave person who in a pretty dark place is able to see the light.
I see people who even when the odds are stacked against them are still getting up and chasing their dreams.

I will continue to interact with people with a soft demeanor.
I will continue to be emotional. Hell even times over the top emotional.
I will recognize my softness as my greatest strength.

After having these thoughts, realizations I knew that there had to be others that share these thought processes. I was RIGHT.
That’s why your here right? I hope soo!!
I don’t know where Stay Soft is going, but I do know that I am so excited to keep meeting rad people, hearing amazing, heartbreaking, brace, emotional stories.
I’m excited to keep making art that is obnoxiously close to my heart.
I’m excited to share all things emotions.
I’m excited to see what kind of amazing, loving, badass, soft, vulnerable humans are going to help me spread and share the msg.
-Stay Soft, but take no SHIT!!

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